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Annual Wellness Visits

Annual Wellness Visits Services Offered at our Chicago, IL location.

The annual wellness check-ups allow you to make educated decisions regarding your health and treatment plan as you get older. At our Clinic in Chicago, the team at Healwell Primary Care perform these annual health exams to assist patients in maintaining their mental, physical, and social health. Contact Healwell Primary Care or schedule an appointment to learn more.

How often do you get annual health appointments?

A wellness exam every year is a complete health evaluation like a physical examination. Although Medicare is not able to cover physical exams, but the government does reimburse for wellness tests. The annual visits provide patients with an important insight into their overall health.

Wellness visits can aid in identifying early warning signs of chronic illnesses such as peripheral vascular diseases and diabetes, and cognitive impairments. Your doctor is at Healwell Primary Care may order additional tests or make modifications to your treatment plan based upon the results of your annual check-up.

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What are annual wellness appointments comprising?

A wellness check-up every year includes an extensive health assessment that starts by the measurement of your height and then checking your weight. The staff also takes note of your vital signs (blood temperatures, pressure, and your respiration rate).

As soon as you step into the examination room, the medical team will review your medical history, and asks you specific questions regarding your lifestyle and diet to make sure your records are up-to-date. They can ask about:

The data that the team collects can be as crucial as the physical examination. When you are leaving, they might require additional tests for cardiac scans, imaging scans or blood tests.

Are annual wellness sessions similar to physical exams?

A wellness appointment isn’t identical to the physical exam. Wellness visits are more relaxed as physical exams and are more focused on helping you achieve your long-term health objectives, and a physical exam is a great way to detect health issues in the early stages.

Annual physicals don’t include a head-to-toe assessment. In a physical exam the team examines your ears, eyes or nose and throat. They also examine the lungs and heart as well as look at your abdomen to determine for the proper organ size and position. In addition, they check your reflexes.

Patients should generally schedule regular wellness appointments and physicals if their doctor suggests each screening. Certain patients require annual physicals to monitor and track health conditions as well as others who could be benefited from screenings every 2 to 3 years. The team collaborates with you to design an individualized health program.

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