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Diabetes Evaluation and Management Services Offered at our Chicago, IL location.

About 39% of people who suffer from diabetes have problems like high cholesterol, blood pressure or even vision impairment.At our Clinic in Chicago, the team at Healwell Primary Care evaluate and manage diabetes to reduce the risk of complications and enhance your life quality. Contact us or make an appointment online now to find out more.

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What is the definition of diabetes?

The chronic condition which damages wall of blood vessels. The condition is caused by glucose (sugar) builds up in your blood. In general, the pancreas creates a hormone, insulin that lets cells use glucose as energy. If your pancreas does not produce insulin or produces enough glucose, it can cause blood vessels to weaken.

A thorough evaluation is crucial for establishing the right treatment program. Your results will also reveal the type of diabetes you have:

Type 1
The type 1 diabetic is an auto-immune disease where your pancreas isn’t producing insulin.
Type 2
Type 2 diabetes is typically due to the lifestyle choices made, such as an inadequate diet and inactivity.

What is the process of evaluating diabetes?

The blood tests are the most precise method of diagnosing diabetes. After looking over your medical history and performing an examination then your Healwell Primary Care team can recommend the most appropriate test.

The most frequently used tests for diabetes include:

Test for tolerance to glucose

The test analyzes your blood sugar levels prior to and after you consume a beverage that contains glucose. It is necessary to fast prior to the test and then undergo tests to determine your blood sugar levels. After you drink your drink, The team will check your blood sugar each hour for 3 hours. When your sugar levels are 200 mg/dL or more then you could be suffering from diabetes.

Fasting blood sugar test

A blood sugar test for fasting examines the blood sugar levels when you fast or refrain from eating food for the night. An erroneous blood sugar level that is 126 mg/dL and above can be a sign of diabetes.

The team could also conduct additional tests to investigate signs of diabetes, including nerve tingling or weakness in feet or legs as well as increased thirst or frequent urinary frequency.

How do I manage diabetes?

Diabetes management is a partnership between you and the staff in Healwell Primary Care. Once you have been diagnosed with diabetes the doctor may suggest these:

Your diabetes management plan could alter if your symptoms decrease or worsen. Regular check-ins with your diabetes team are essential to avoid complications. Contact Healwell Primary Care today or make an appointment online to find out more about the process of evaluating diabetes and treatment.