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Peripheral Vascular Disease Evaluation

Peripheral Vascular Disease Evaluation at our Chicago, IL location.

Peripheral vascular disease robs the organs and tissues of your body with oxygen-rich blood. At our clinic in Chicago, the team at Healwell Primary Care perform comprehensive assessments for peripheral vascular disease to avoid complications, such as decreased mobility. Make an appointment by calling or scheduling an appointment today online to find out more about.

What is peripheral vascular disorder?

Peripheral Vascular Disease (PVD) is a persistent condition that hinders healthy blood circulation. Atherosclerosis — where plaque adheres to wall of the artery -is the most prevalent reason for PVD. As time passes atherosclerosis causes the walls to become stiff, hard and weaken, limiting blood flow. The organs, limbs and tissues require oxygen-rich blood to flourish.

A thorough evaluation is crucial for avoiding complications like slow healing injuries, limb loss and stroke. Healwell Primary Care is a modern clinic that offers on-site testing to assess the risk of peripheral vascular disorder. The team utilizes cutting-edge technology to identify your condition.

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What is the reason I might need an evaluation of my peripheral vascular condition?

Peripheral vascular diseases usually cause absence of symptoms in the early stages. A thorough examination will be your only chance to determine whether you suffer from the condition. The medical team might recommend the need for an assessment if you’ve got the risk factors for peripheral vascular diseases, like hypertension or high cholesterol (high blood pressure).
They can also conduct an assessment if you have:

If you don’t undergo a thorough evaluation and the proper treatment peripheral vascular disease could cause the development of gangrene (dead tissues) and restrict your mobility.

What happens when you undergo a peripheral vascular disease assessment?

When you show up for your peripheral vascular disease assessment the medical team goes over the medical history of you and then performs an examination. The next step is to request tests like:

Blood work

Examining your blood for high amounts of glucose (sugar) and cholesterol may aid in detecting high cholesterol and diabetes both of which increase the chance of developing PVD.

Index of the Ankle and Brachial (ABI)

An ABI examines the blood pressure of different parts of your body, including the ankle and arm. The team could use this test in conjunction with an exercise screen, taking your blood pressure prior to and after you walk on the treadmill.

Doppler ultrasound

A Doppler ultrasound monitors blood flow to identify blocked arterial blood vessels. It can also assist in determining the extent to which your arteries have been becoming narrower.

The team collaborates with you to establish the kinds of tests needed to determine the cause and treatment of PVD.

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