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Telemedicine Offering

Telemedicine at Healwell Primary Care: Convenient Care from Anywhere

Healwell Primary Care is a leading healthcare provider offering telemedicine services in the state of Illinois (IL). With telemedicine, you as our patient can communicate with our established providers seamlessly from the comfort of your own home via secure video conferencing. Forget the hassles of commuting, traffic issues, and waiting rooms.
Telemedicine provides a convenient platform for consultations, diagnosis, and treatment plans, as well as for monitoring progress. This is an excellent way of handling chronic diseases, general consultations, and other healthcare issues. With access to telemedicine, Healwell Primary Care is able to consistently provide you high-quality medical help that works for you.

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What is Telemedicine?

Telemedicine is the delivery of medical care via telecom technologies over distance. This may include scheduling consultations, diagnosing, writing medications, therapy, or even follow-up appointments. The advances made in secure, high quality video conferencing have made it possible and acceptable to conduct medical consultations remotely. You will meet your healthcare provider through a telemedicine appointment or a virtual face-to-face meeting via a safe video communication platform. You are then able to discuss your health, discuss diagnosis, and get a treatment plan, all from the comfort of your location.

Why Choose Telemedicine at Healwell Primary Care?

Telemedicine offers several advantages over traditional in-person appointments:

Is Telemedicine Right for You?

Telemedicine is an excellent option for a variety of healthcare needs, including:

How to Book a Telemedicine Appointment at Healwell Primary Care

Booking a telemedicine appointment at Healwell Primary Care is simple and convenient:

Telemedicine Availability

The Healwell Primary Care telemedicine services are available for everyone in Illinois state, regardless of where they are located. You do not need to walk into our clinic to access telemedicine.
We aspire to provide you with the best level of health care. Telemedicine is a good alternative in allowing us to expand our patients’ access to us.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the technology required for my telemedicine appointment?

You will need a personal computer, tablet, or smartphone with a camera, microphone, and speakers. All three must work very well, and an internet connection must be stable. The vast majority of today’s products satisfy these standards.

Is my telemedicine appointment safe?

The first priority at Healwell Primary Care is to protect and guard the confidentiality of your medical information; for example, we only use secure video platforms that comply with all HIPAA rules.

Do I get paid for a telemedicine appointment by my health insurance?

Nowadays, most medical insurances cover telehealth visits. Your insurance company should be contacted for more details on the coverage. Our office staff may also be able to help verify your health insurance coverage for telemedicine services.